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70 - Shirt

Random idea while showering =D

Title: 70 - Shirt
Fandom: NEWS, JE
Pairing: Shigepi
Rating: G
Word Count: 126

It was always a rarity for Yamapi to bring Shige along for shopping. Surprisingly, he invited him once work was over today. Shige was sure something was up, but he went with Yamapi anyway. After a bit of window shopping, Yamapi strode into a shop and walked over to the “discount” aisle. He started to rummage in the mountain and mountains of out of season clothing, after a few minutes of struggling with the garments, he finally pulled one single shirt out (with a lot of work, mind you. It was at the bottom of the pile) and handed over to Shige. Shige stared at it.

“Dude, pink?”                             

“Well, I’m not called YamaPI for nothing.” Yamapi held out another shirt. “For you.”

It was florescent green.

The one that worry is the fool

Shigepi! I like the basis of the story, but the way i wrote it was a bit... eh. =/

Title: The one who worry is the fool
Fandom: NEWS, JE
Pairing: Shigepi
Rating: PG
Word Count:  400




Uhh, don't ask. I suck. I was a bit negative today and ended up with this.

Title: Rainbow
Fandom: NEWS, JE
Pairing: Nishikato
Rating: G
Word Count:  571



Title: Subtle
Fandom: NEWS, JE
Pairing: Shigepi
Rating: G
Word Count: 131

Shige was never good at being subtle.

After screaming out the words that was trapped inside him for a long time, he stormed out the room. He felt relieved, but at the same time, guilty. He didn't care. All that matters was that its over.

Shige started running. Paying no attention as to where he was going, he found himself standing outside the room he had stormed out moments ago. Do I dare to go back in?

He reached out, and opened the door.

Inside was a lone figure. The very figure that he had screamed to. Shige avoided eye contact, and made his way to the other side of the room.

To Shige's amazement, the figure walked towards him.

Yamapi pulled Shige into a hug.

"I love you too."

EDIT: Uhh~ Prompted by gem because she was spazzing about Shigepi stories on MSN <3


Title: Cuddle
Fandom: NEWS, JE
Pairing: Nishikato
Rating: G
Word Count: 41

July. Winter. Cold and unforgiving. Ryo walked out into the cold streets.

Someone approached him. He didn't notice.

Ryo felt his arm being seized. Without looking, he knew who it was.


"Just a cuddle~~" Shige smiled, and held on tighter.


Title: Wishes
Fandom: NEWS, JE
Pairing: Nishikato
Rating: G
Word Count: 157

The two boys sat on the beach, staring at the shooting stars that were swiftly moving across the sky.
"When you see shooting stars, do you actually make wishes?" Shige asked.
"Hm. Maybe. Do you?" Nishikido said in a gentle voice. So gentle, in fact, for a moment Shige forgot he was talking to Ryo.
"I..." Shige started. On one hand, he was embarrassed to say "yes" on the other hand, he wasn't sure if he ever wished for something wholeheartedly.

Even now, ideas for wishes flashed into his mind, but he never bothered actually wishing them.
"Wait. Why are you asking me questions? I was the one asking you!" Shige finally found an answer that would not make the situation awkward and avoiding the question at the same time.

"Well... Yes." It was too dark for Shige to see Ryo's face clearly, but there was something that wasn't there before.

A long pause.
"It just came true."


Title: Kon!
Fandom: NEWS, JE
Pairing: Ryopi
Rating: G
Word Count: 90

Yamapi looked out of the window. It had been a hectic day, from PV filming to interviews, he had been working non-stop. Now he had the time to take a break, he poured himself a cup of coffee and sat in the room NEWS was allocated. Little does he know, there was trouble brewing in the room...

A black shadow slowly crept up behind him, but yamapi was so into his coffee that he didn't notice anything. He continued sipping his coffee until the black shadow...


It was Nishikido.


Title: Ignore
Fandom: NEWS, JE
Pairing: Ryomass
Rating: G
Word Count: 123

Massu stood staring at Ryo's back. Ryo busy was washing the dishes.
"Hey... Ryo-chan..." Massu started. Ryo didn't seem to have heard him. "Ryoooooo-chan!" This time louder.

Still, Ryo didn't stop. He didn't turn around. Anger started to rise. He is ignoring me!

"RYO. CHAN. YOU. STOP. IGNORING. ME!!!!!!!" Massu yelled with all his might. He saw Ryo pause.

He giggled.

Ryo started to laugh his head off. Massu stood there, confused.
"Why are you laughing!?"
"You..." Ryo tried to talk, but Massu can barely make out what he was saying between those burst of laughter and giggles. "are like..." Ryo cannot help himself. "a little kid!"

Massu had no idea what happened, but he smiled. I guess he was just playing around!


Title: Quitting
Fandom: NEWS, JE
Pairing: Pin
Rating: G
Word Count: 193

Jin stomped into the room and threw down his bag.
"I've had enough of this!" Jin yelled, and he threw himself onto the sofa.
"Something happened?" Yamapi headed out from behind the kitchen counter.
"Its just... too much." Jin covered his face with his hands. Yamapi couldn't work out his expression. Is it anger? Is it sadness? Is he crying?
Jin stood up, and turned to the window so that all Yamapi can see is a black shadow.
"H-hey..." Yamapi wanted to comfort his best friend, but struggled to find the right word.
"I... I want to quit." said Jin. It was short, it was clean. It took a few moments for Yamapi to realize what Jin was talking about. Q-quit? Johnny's?
Without saying anything, Yamapi went up and tightly hugged Jin from behind. This surprised Jin. But he didn't move. Yamapi held on tighter.

Don't leave.
Don't worry. I won't leave. Not as long as you are here." As if Jin had read his mind, he turned around and held his best friend close. Jin felt his shoulder getting wet.

I'm not quitting as long as you are here. I promise.


Title: Ring
Rating: G
Word Count: 335

There was a knock on the door. The Osakan man quickly put away what he was looking at, but not fast enough for Tegoshi's sharp eyes. He caught it, but couldn't quite make out what it is. There was a moment of silence, until the younger of the two finally spoke.
"Yo Nishikido." Tegoshi paused. He wondered if he should continue on. "What's that? ... Are you hiding something?" He always seem to have some questions to ask people, and the straightforwardness of those questions never cease to amaze Ryo.

"Nothing. Why do you care?" Ryo is known to have a poison tongue, and even talking with Tegoshi, he couldn't help but blurt out very blunt words. My bluntless can hurt people. People with a fragile heart... Someone like him.
"I care because I..." Tegoshi looked hurt for a second. He stared into Ryo's eyes. "N-nevermind. Excuse me." He then walked out of the room. Ryo stared at the empty doorway, where Tegoshi was at moments ago, and felt guilty. Why did I... Why?

That night, there was a knock on Tegoshi's door. He had locked himself in his room for the rest of the day, but hearing that knock, he saw a thin ray of hope. I hope... I hope it is.
Ryo walked into the room. Tegoshi avoided his eyes, and looked down onto his feet. Ryo stepped forward, brought his arms around the boy's neck, and pulled him close.

This sudden move by Ryo surprised Tegoshi, but he didn't push him away, nor did he put his arm around Ryo. They stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, they broke apart.

I... I am sorry.
Ryo couldn't bring himself to say those words. Those simple words. Instead, he reached into his pocket, and took out what he was hiding for the best of 2 months. Without saying anything, he handed it to Tegoshi.

Tegoshi took it into his hand, and stared at it.
He opened it.
A Ring.